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Insert Molding Case Study

Project Scope

We recently completed a project that required automated insert molding, insert verification, and some assembly performed by an articulated arm 6 axis robot.

Mold Description

Four (4) - four cavity molds with locations for placement of washers for insert molding. 2 molds of 4 cavities x 3 washers per load (12 washers), 2 molds of 4 cavities x 6 washers (24 washers) per load. The Process Sequence Washer loader presents 4 cavities worth of washers to end of arm tool.

Camera system for each workcell to verify mold conditions prior to a beam robot entering the mold to place washers into the tool for molding and overmold parts removal. Hands off overmolded parts to 6 axis articulated arm robot. Robot verifies presence of washers in overmolded parts. Feed foot pads for assembly by robot. Robot assembles foot pads into overmolds. Robot separates left hand and right hand parts (2 of each) and places the product on the conveyor.

Equipment List

Our presses include:

  • (1) 90 ton
  • (2) 110 ton
  • (2) 150 ton
  • (1) 200 ton
  • (1) 245 ton
  • (5) 300 ton
  • (3) 400 ton
  • (1) 500 ton
  • (1) 650 ton
  • (1) 750 ton